Our First Lady

Dr. Kathleen M. Shaw, MA, Psy. D, LCP, CISW

Paramount Baptist Church, D.C.

First Lady Kathleen Shaw is the wife of the Rev. Dr. Ishmael L. Shaw, Pastor of the Paramount Baptist Church.

Since coming to Paramount Baptist Church, she has been involved in various ministries in the church and supporting the Pastor in various areas of his ministry.

First Lady Shaw is the Director of Christian Education, she teaches an adult Sunday School class, conducts teacher's training and is involved in various other ministries where she gives encouragement and guidance.

She has also been involved in conducting workshops for several Washington Churches and training their Sunday School teachers.

Before coming to Paramount, she worked in the Masten Park Baptist Church assisting the Pastor in ministries and was a literary critic of Black Authors for the Buffalo Black Women's Society in Buffalo, New York.

After relocating to Chicago, Illinois, she became Christian Education Director for the Shiloah Baptist Church, Chicago, Illinois. She was organizer of several workshops for churches and other organizations in the Chicago area.

In the secular field, she worked as a School Psychologist for several schools in the Chicago suburbs, Naperville and others focusing particularly on special needs children and their parents as well as adults with mental challenges. She was responsible for establishing workshops in several schools to help parents and children. She worked with professors at the University of Chicago participating in extensive research in the area of organic brain syndrome, "neuro-psychology." She also worked as a Professor of Abnormal Psychology for the Moraine Valley College teaching undergraduate students. She worked as a Consultant for Early Childhood Development Centers in Chicago.

For over twenty-eight years, she worked for the Diagnostic Youth Treatment Center for the Federal Government/District of Columbia and the DC Public School System as a School Psychologist. Following her retirement in 2012, she became the Executive Director of the Paramount Community Family Life Center which is now a School for Pre-K/Kindergarten and early childhood education for Toddlers. She has been instrumental in obtaining the first Federal Pre-K grant since the school has been in existence. She has been successful in increasing the enrollment up to 78 full-time students and offers graduating students’ scholarships to private elementary schools. 99% of the teaching staff in the school are degreed Teachers.

First Lady Shaw earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of New York at Buffalo, New York, Governors State University, Alfred Adler Institute of Psychology and the University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois. She has degrees in School Psychology and Social Work

First Lady Shaw is a modest person and prefers to be called "First Lady" instead of a Doctor. She is a dedicated person in the Lord's service and is not afraid to take on added responsibilities in helping others, counseling and encouraging others despite her busy schedule. She believes that "it pays to serve Jesus every step of the way."