Pastoral Job Description

The pastor will be the shepherd of the flock and the spiritual leader of Paramount Baptist Church.
The pastor must exhibit a godly characteristic as one above reproach temperate, devote themselves to prayer (sober, vigilant), prudent, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, and teachable, not given to wine, non-combative, gentle, free from quarrelsome and love of money.
The pastor should be a good manager of his/her own house, a seasoned convert, not self-willed but self-controlled. In addition, the pastor must also be willing to make the necessary time commitments to fulfill his/her responsibilities to the Church.
The pastor shall be a believer in the preaching of the Gospel of Christ and of the basic doctrine of faith as held by the Baptist denomination. The pastor must have the ability to articulate a vision for the church that emphasizes spiritual growth and Christian Education.

• A graduate of college and a graduate of a recognized Seminary with a minimum of Masters’ in Divinity.
• Minimum of 5 years of pastoral or ministerial experience, to include preaching and teaching.

Knowledge, Skills, and Character
• Comprehensive knowledge of the Bible
• Strong religious conviction
• Ability to show impartiality
• Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing
• Ability to show compassion for others
• Ability to relate to a wide diversity of congregants
• Demonstrate the ability to work effectively with members across all ages and gender
• The ability to plan and conduct relevant spirit filled worship services and sustain membership retention and growth.

Working Conditions:
• The position of pastor requires great flexibility in hours available for work, including evenings and weekends.
• The pastor should be in the office a sufficient amount of time for accessibility to members of the congregation and for regular communication with members of the church staff.

• Provide spiritual, pastoral, outreach, administrative and servant leadership to the congregation
• Preach sermons that capture the essence of the biblical vision and conduct worship services.
• Interpret biblical scripture through life application for the congregation
• Provide care and counseling to the congregation (e.g., visit the sick, bereaved, prospects, traumatic life experiences, etc.)
• Officiate at services (e.g., baptisms, weddings, funerals, infant dedications, etc.)
• Collaborate with church music leaders to integrate appropriate worship music into church services
• Attend monthly trustee, Deacon meetings and other ministry meetings as needed.
• Support, oversee and evaluate church staff.
• Facilitate church semi-annual and annual business meetings and other special church meetings.
• Represent the congregation in denominational or community organizations and activities to learn new ways the church can support and engage with the community area.


Specific Details for the Responsibilities:

Spiritual Formation:
• Guide the spiritual formation of the congregation through teaching, preaching, and leading by example.
• Work with the staff and Christian Education Ministry to ensure that the Church is provided with opportunities to pray, to study the Bible and to follow Christian Tradition, e.g. prayer service, children and adult summer Bible classes and Sunday School for all ages.
• Work with the staff and Board of Missions to ensure that the Church is provided with opportunities to be involved in service within and beyond the Church.

• Oversee all areas of the congregation’s ministry in consultation with the Deacons and Trustees.
• Oversee the activities and positions of the Associate Ministers and any ministers-in-training.
• Adhere to the Church’s constitution and By- Laws and pastoral contracts with the church
• Support, supervise, manage and provide input for the evaluation of church employees.
• Build a sense of teamwork among church staff and ministry leaders.
• Enable Deacons, Church Officers, and Ministry Chairs to better perform their duties through training and support.
• Work with the Trustees to see that the facilities of the church are functional and in good repair.

• Make a concerted effort to engage new members and encourage them to take an active role in the church.
• Provide training opportunities to the congregation for outreach and evangelism.
• Work with the Missions Ministries to support various mission opportunities.

Pastoral Care:
• Provide pastoral care in conjunction with the deacon’s and other evangelism ministries through visitation, counseling, and prayer.
• Visit or contact church members to encourage their involvement or to address their personal needs (especially all homebound church members).
• Make appropriate referrals when necessary and quickly respond to crisis situations that arise in the congregation.

• The pastor is accountable first and foremost to God and His Word, and secondly to membership of Paramount Baptist Church.
• The pastor will maintain and enhance knowledge, skills and abilities related to this position description through necessarily means of continuing education.